From $45 per person
(includes 150 paintballs)

All packages include overalls, gun hireage, and safety gear)

$45 - 150 paintballs

$60 - 300 paintballs

$80 - 500 paintballs

Minimum age: 11 years

Groups of less than 8 must play

on Trench field.

Bookings recommended.


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Get your first reload FREE

every 3rd visit to

Combat Zone.


Paintball Markers (guns) and safety goggles will be provided, so you don't need to worry there. Vests and neck protectors are also available free of charge. However, there are some things you should take to a game that people sometimes don't think about.

We provide overalls as part of the package, and don't worry about the paint seeping through onto your clothes, it washes out in water and doesn't leave a stain.  Keep clothing beneath overalls loose fitting for comfort and remember, in summer it gets very hot so try not to overdo the layers.

Generally a good pair of sneakers will be fine, but if you've got a pair of tramping boots or similar, then you might want to consider wearing those...

Drinks & iceblocks are available.


Gift Vouchers available!

Great for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Stag dos
  • Team building
  • Work functions etc.

Discounts available
for school groups, youth groups and kids sports teams.

Organize a group of 20 and organizer gets free play
up to 300 paintballs!


Come and have a blast!



from $ 15.00 per person
(incl. 100 paintballs)

Available 7 days
Bookings Recommended.


Don’t forget the BBQ/Picnic

area - bring your own OR


Combat Zone Feedback

Dear Sandy and Eric,

On behalf of the 100% Club Easter Car Rally, we would like to say a big thank you for giving us such a great time on Saturday. Everyone was still buzzing hours later and even the next day still talking about it being the highlight of their weekend. They were all very impressed with how well maintained you keep the property, and please pass on our thanks to Daniel for all he did. We will definitely be back again.

Thank you all.

Yours faithfully, Dugald Hoyland Christine Wight. (original copy )











Ready for some fun??

Its your first game, what should you expect?
Generally things will happen in the following manner:

The Briefing
Once everyone has arrived you will be given a briefing by either Eric or Sandy. This will involve a basic rundown of the rules of the game, how to use your gear, and most importantly safety aspects. If you are unsure about something, now is the time to ask.

Next you will be taken to your field of choice, given a quick tour, another quick run through of the safety rules and loaded up with your paintballs.

MOST IMPORTANT!! - Your Safety Mask. NEVER remove you face shield whilst on the playing field. A paintball to the eye or ear can result in serious injury. If you are hit in the face shield with a paintball, return to the “Safety Zone” where your mask will be cleaned or replaced. Do not wipe you shield inside or out. They scratch VERY easily and are expensive to replace. Fogging can be a problem on humid or rainy days or if you tend to sweat a lot. We do apply anti-fog which helps prevent fogging, but in some instances this cannot be eliminated altogether. Again, DO NOT try to wipe your shield. Returned to the “Safety Zone” for cleaning/replacement.  


Waiting for the game to start
You will be split into two teams and sent to your fort to begin play. Be sure to sort out your strategy before the game starts. Remember to play as a team and support one and other. Each fort has a gong. Your Host will sound a horn when they hear the gong from each fort, which signifies teams are ready to play.

The Game!
We play several games and welcome the suggestion of others. Generally we start with “Retrieve the Flag”. The objective is to retrieve your flag from the opposition’s fort and get it back to your base before the opposition completes the same task. The first team back to their fort with their flag wins. When your Host hears the gong the horn will be blown signifying the end of that game. Teams then return to the “Safety Zone”.

“Centre Flag” is also very popular and we usually move on to this game towards the end of play as it generally requires more ammunition and we don’t want you running out of ammo at the beginning of play! You will be surprised at how quickly you can get through your ammunition. There is only one flag in this game. Each team starts at their fort. The horn will blow and teams race to get to the flag which is in the middle of the course. Once you have the flag you have to get it back to the opposition’s base without being tagged. If you are tagged you must drop the flag, go to the “Safety Zone”, count to 10 and then rejoin play.

Make good use of the cover available to you. Combat Zone is situated in a forestry block. There are plenty of trees to hide behind and regenerating bush and scrub make good hiding places. Pair up with a buddy or two. Take time to identify your target to avoid taking out your own team members.

Tagged/Shot? What to do
You will more than likely be tagged at some point in the game. Depending on where you are hit it may hurt a little, but it soon fades. Arnica, ice and “TLC” are available in the “Safety Zone”, but generally you will forget about it in the heat of the game and laugh about it afterwards. When you are tagged you put your Marker (gun) in the air and make you way back to the “Safety Zone” which is in the centre of the playing field, count to 10 and then re-enter the game. Taking you out of play for this short period of time gives the opposition an advantage. If you have a flag when you are shot you must drop it where you stand. This then gives the opposition the chance to pick it up and return it to their base. Alternatively, if you have a buddy, they can pick it up and keep running. DO NOT SHOOT AT A PLAYER IF THEY HAVE THEIR MARKER IN THE AIR!!

The “Safety Zone”
Your Hosts will be stationed in the Safety Zone at all times. If you are injured, call for help. Your Host will blow the horn and stop the game. At the end of each game everyone returns to the Safety Zone to catch their breath, have a laugh, get more ammo and decide on the next game.

Please be on time. Expect a few delays while people get organised. Listen to the field operators, and ask us if you have any questions. That’s what we are there for!

Paintball is a great deal of fun.
Go out there expecting to have a good time and
you won't be disappointed!

Trench Warfare

New Paintball Field - TRENCH WARFARE! - Possibly the first in NZ!

A whole new spin on Paintball!  See it - Live it -Love it!! Our regulars truly rate this new course.  It’s fast, it’s furious and it’s fun!  Fear and excitement! 

A great mix for an adventure you won’t forget in a hurry.  Get you mates together, birthdays, stag dos, work functions.  This is the ultimate extreme paintball experience.

Many teams have already experienced the thrill of “Trench Warfare” and loved it. 

We have been blown away by the amount of positive feedback received for both of our fields.  Come and see for yourself.

Ten trenches have been strategically dug out.  Approximately 1.25 metres wide these trenches provide cover for upwards of a metre in height. 

They can be entered from the bush or open field, from which you can defend, attack or advance to various hideouts in your bid to win the battle.  Take a look at our photos - make your booking now!

The “Safety/Viewing Zone” is as good as it gets.  We can now cater for up to 30 players and there is still plenty of room for non participants to sit back and watch the action. 


Paintball Target Shooting

Suitable for all ages from 5yrs and over with adult guidance up to 18yrs.

Only $15.00 per person with 100 paintballs.  Play a scoring game or just shoot at the targets for fun.  Kids love this activity for a birthday party treat.

This is great fun - try it out!


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